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Our Founding Basketball Coach

Straight Shot basketball was invented over five years ago by Armando Villanueva. Armando is a former professional basketball player for the Harlem Internationals and the Brujos de Guayama of Puerto Rico's Superior Basketball League. Altogether, we have over 40 years of experience playing and coaching basketball at all levels of play, including Armando's time spent coaching Minor League Professional Basketball with the Lake Michigan Admirals midwest division champions in the PBL (Premiere Basketball League) 2015-2016 back to back and then touring China 2016-2017 Professional Basketball.

Armando's Experiences

Back in college, Armando struggled because he was not a consistent shooter. He couldn't identify the problem until, one faithful day, his mother, the hospital administrator handed him the keys to the hospital's gym. The gym had tinted windows to help with heat, and those windows had a fortuitous reflective effect.

Armando affixed black tape to the windows and was able to correct the proper shooting arm alignment while watching himself take shot after shot, and the result was a real improvement in his form. He attributes his success in Puerto Rico's professional basketball circuit to this formative moment, and he made the Straight Shot to share this experience.

Armando Villanueva

A Note From The Coach

As a former professional basketball player, college coach, and professional head basketball coach, I've seen first-hand the positive effect that Straight Shot has on a player's shooting technique in an extremely short period of time. I have been so enthused with the results that I've decided to share it with other coaches and players. I'm confident that once you take advantage of Straight Shot, your game will improve exponentially. Contact us today or visit eBay, Facebook, or YouTube to order.

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