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The Basketball Shooting Aid You Need

Straight Shot Basketball, based in Chicago, Illinois, can help improve any team's shooting drills with our product. The Straight Shot is a strategically placed mirror that allows the shooting player to simultaneously see himself or herself and the rim. This specialized product allows players to see every angle of their shot, so that they can correct their arc and trajectory on the fly.

Simple Ingenuity With a Touch of Technology

The Straight Shot isn't just a mirror. It also employs a unique chaser light with a pulsating glow that helps guide the shooting player's arm along the correct trajectory for a superior shot. The correctly lined tracking light attached to our basketball shooting aid helps force the shooter's elbow inward as a shot is executed. This ultimately helps rhythmically train the body to develop the proper shooting technique from head to toe. Players gain all the following benefits with Straight Shot:

  • Will correct shooting arm for proper alignment (eliminates "Chicken Wing")
  • Improve Precision and Accuracy In Minutes
  • Promote Muscle Memory
  • Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Adjust To Learn an Accurate Square-Up Stance
  • Master the perfect release and hand/ball rotation
  • Learn Correct Body Mechanics
  • Boost Confidence With Immediate Results
Mirror Technique

Lights and Ball

Made To Build a Better Game

At Straight Shot Basketball, we want you to take advantage of the best basketball shooting aid available on the market. The secret to our product's success is absolutely the LED sequential lights. These lights create an afterimage simply by blinking, so the shooting player can quickly learn exactly where to place the shot. But the LEDs aren't the only advantage to our product; it also includes the following:

  • No Attachments to the Body Needed
  • Shatterproof Mirror
  • Durable Plexiglas Cover
  • Lightweight for Build for Easy Set Up
  • Easily Constructed for Use At Any Angle and Any Distance
  • Adaptable To Right- Or Left-Handed Shooters
  • Suitable For Any Age, Gender, or Competitive Level
  • Battery-Powered and Remote-Controlled
  • Inverts Into a Dry-Erase Blackboard
Buy Straight Shot Now on eBay