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Straight Shot to Success!

Armani Perez from Alcott H.S. Chicago became runner up for the Illinois State Three-Point Shooting contest 2011-2012 season (left), and to the right is Head Basketball Coach Kevin Harley who incorporated Straight Shot in his practices. Coach Harley still applies his investment in his current programs to this day.

Straight Shot Basketball

The Proof Is In The Pudding!

"Form is the most important thing when shooting a basketball: says Coach Glen Heffernan, Boys Head Basketball Coach at Mather High School in Illinois. In his twenty years of coaching at both college and high school level, he has instructed boys to "keep their elbows in and their arms straight" many times. But if you simply tell someone how to do something, chances are they'll forget because you aren't making the change instinctual. With Straight Shot, the boys can see what they are doing and can see when they get it right, so they build actual muscle memory for "perfect form." This immediate feedback can improve a player's scoring percentage within about ten minutes.

Straight Shot is easy to set up and takes only about five minutes for the coach to review the demo before it is ready to use. It improves shooting the ball from any distance and is a great tool for any age, player, and for any position; because whether you are a guard, forward, or center, the team always benefits with better shooters. Coach Hefferman sets up Straight Shot at the free-throw line for his high school students but would set it three to four feet away from the basket for younger kids. While kid's initial reactions to Straight Shot may be skeptical as they were not sure what it would do, they are quickly won over when their shooting percentages go from 50% to 70% or even 80%. Coach Hefferman will put aside a couple of players at a time during practice and have them shoot ten baskets without Straight Shot and then another ten using the mirror. The immediate gratification of getting more baskets is exciting, and the beauty of Straight Shot is that once the proper form is learned, it doesn't go away again in the pressure of a game. Because arm positioning is now a natural, learned movement, the proper form, and the success stays.

It should come as no surprise that in Coach Hefferman's two years with Mather High School, the basketball team's win/loss record has made a dramatic upturn. "Before I was hired, the team won only three games the entire season. As soon as I started, I got all the players working with Straight Shot, and we won seventeen games that first year. This year we won twenty-five games and had only four losses. The proof is in the pudding."

Although team results may vary, Straight Shot will definitely make every player a better shooter and will be a valuable part of your team.

Written by Courtney Clark

Former Emmy Award-Winning Producer and Writer For NBC News

Daniel Dunne
"In 2015, while coaching at the Primer Basketball League's National Combine in Chicago, I attended Coach Villanueva's presentation on his shooting aid invention, Straight Shot. I was intrigued about how simple it was to use, as well as how shooting form correction, and shooting accuracy improved after only a few minutes of use!
Now I was never a very good Free Throw shooter throughout my playing career (high school, Division I college, and international professional), and when Coach V invited me to actually try Straight Shot, I jumped at the opportunity! Using my natural shooting form, I shot 4 for 10 from the foul line. After getting accustomed to using Straight Shot, and using the apparatus' technology to more properly align my shooting form, I shot 7 for 10! How I wish that Straight Shot was available back when I was a player... for sure, I would have had a higher scoring average!!!
I am looking forward to incorporating Straight Shot into the workout routines I use with the professional frontcourt players I work with! It is a "must-have" for players wanting to improve their shooting and scoring abilities!!"

Daniel Dunne

Frontcourt Player Development Specialist; Full Court International, LLC
2 Championships Coaching Professional Basket in the PBL for the Rochester Razorsharks
Played Professional basketball overseas in Puerto Rico BSN Champion and 1980 Olympian
Played in The Australian Professional Basketball League